5 Surprising Potential Trades For The 2019 NFL Offseason

5. Desean Jackson to the New York Jets


The recent coaching change in Tampa Bay may have put a damper on the possibility of Desean Jackson being moved elsewhere. Bruce Arians is a coach with a knack for helping veterans thought to be past their prime produce at an efficient level. He did wonders for both Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer when he was the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Look for Bruce Arians to sit down with Desean Jackson and figure out if they could have a beneficial relationship moving forward. That being said, Bruce Arians is going to want current Bucs players to understand it's his locker room now. Tampa Bay is still focused on getting the most out of Jameis Winston and both the team and Bruce Arians felt he still has a chance to be successful given the right structure and coaching around him.

If Tampa Bay does decide to move on from Desean Jackson it wouldn't be too surprising if the New York Jets appear as a frontrunner for the aging receiver. Sam Darnold had a very promising rookie season despite lacking a lot of pieces on the offensive side of the ball. Part of this also hinges on the type of coaching staff the Jets will be bringing in this offseason. Either way, it seems that the best way to make a young quarterback comfortable in their development is by surrounding them with talent on the outside and building a solid offensive line to protect them moving forward. The Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns both made moves for offensive talent to improve the growth of their young quarterbacks. Look for the New York Jets to address the offensive line, wide receiver, and running back positions during the 2019 NFL offseason through free agency, trades, and/or the NFL Draft.


4. Leonard Fournette to the Oakland Raiders


Are the Jacksonville Jaguars looking to add a veteran quarterback so they can contend in 2019, or are they preparing for a rebuild? This is the biggest question mark for the Jaguars heading into the 2019 NFL offseason. Their roster is currently filled with tons of talent, but Tom Coughlin may be ready to move on from personalities that may be hindering the team's potential. Leonard Fournette had a tremendous rookie season that's been followed up by a sophomore run full of injuries and a poor demeanor. Tom Coughlin stated his disappointment in both Fournette and TJ Yeldon following a Week 17 loss to the Houston Texans where both backs looked disinterested on the sideline.

The Oakland Raiders are a team with a ton of draft capital that also happens to have a ton of needs on both sides of the ball. This really comes down to what new GM Mike Mayock thinks about Fournette in 2019. Coming out of the draft Mayock stated that Fournette's closest NFL comparison was Adrian Peterson. Marshawn Lynch is likely retiring in 2019 and Doug Martin only signed a 1-year deal with the Raiders. That means that the Raiders may weigh all available options when it comes to filling out their backfield. If Gruden and Mayock believe Fournette's issues on and off the field were circumstantial, don't be surprised if you see them make a move on the 3rd year back.


3. Matthew Stafford to the Washington Redskins


Statistically, Matthew Stafford has been a pillar of consistency for a majority of the last decade. Many argue that his lack of playoff success comes down to a lack of a running game throughout his career, as well as an up-and-down defense. The major criticism surrounding Stafford is that his stats are padded due to always playing from behind in the 4th quarter while facing preventative defenses. The free agency market for quarterbacks in 2019 is rather shallow and analysts are suggesting the 2019 NFL Draft will have the weakest class at that position since 2007. The Detroit Lions may never have a higher stock for Stafford moving forward and may be able to use a weak offseason for teams looking to find a quarterback to their advantage. The $30 mil. cap hit that would come with moving Stafford seems scary and a likely roadblock to a trade ever coming to fruition, but teams have a tendency to find creative solutions to these types of problems. Also, the trading of Stafford would likely signal Quin and Patricia would be in the rebuilding mindset where draft picks would be a more valuable commodity than cap space.

Though there's a case to be made for the Jacksonville Jaguars, it seems that the Washington Redskins might be the likeliest landing spot if the Detroit Lions decide to move on from Stafford in 2019. The owner of the Redskins, Dan Snyder, has a long-standing history of favoring free agency over the NFL draft when it comes to filling his team's needs. Alex Smith's injury is currently a huge question mark and it's unclear if Jay Gruden and company are willing to fully commit to him for the 2019 season this early in Smith's recovery. Stafford fits the bill of a tenured veteran quarterback who may be willing to buy Jay Gruden time while the Redskins look for their next franchise guy.


2. Jalen Ramsey to the Green Bay Packers


The Jacksonville Jaguars were arguably the biggest heartbreak of the 2018 NFL season. After losing to the New England Patriots by 4 points in the AFC Championship, in a game argued to be dictated by poor officiating, many felt they were going to be a perennial playoff contender despite the play of Blake Bortles. The 2018 NFL offseason showcased a team in disarray who's now looking for a starting quarterback and possibly hitting the reset button come the 2019 NFL offseason. Jalen Ramsey made big news due to his controversial remarks about various NFL starting quarterbacks during an interview featured in GQ magazine. After his team failed to deliver in numerous outings early in the 2018 season Ramsey seemed to quiet down with the trash talk. In its place were numerous remarks about loyalty and whether or not he felt wanted in Jacksonville. As talented as Ramsey is, outspoken and brash personalities tend to rub front office people the wrong way. Knowing Tom Coughlin, don't be surprised if they try to move a young and talented star cornerback for pieces in a possible rebuild.

The Green Bay Packers missed the playoffs in back-to-back years and fired their head coach, Mike McCarthy, after a loss to the Arizona Cardinals late in the season. Not only did the Packers miss out on acquiring Khalil Mack in a trade, but he also ended up in the hands of the division rival Chicago Bears who went from worst-to-first and went to the playoffs in large part due to their outstanding defensive play. If Jalen Ramsey is available don't be surprised if the Packers try and make a move. The big question will be if Mark Murphy is willing to overlook Ramsey's personality in favor of revamping a weak secondary. Aaron Rodgers isn't getting any younger and the Packers should be looking to sure up a lackluster defense and weak receiving corp through NFL free agency and the 2019 NFL draft.


1. Antonio Brown to the San Francisco 49ers


Over the course of the 2018 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers saw their fair share of distractions and headlines. It seems like many of the issues between Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown that were reported about during the Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 OTAs never really went away. According to ESPN reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala, the strained relationship between Roethlisberger and Brown persisted and was a factor in Antonio Brown sitting out the Steelers Week 17 game against the Bengals with a knee injury. Mike Tomlin and the organization are known for having a track record of moving on from players who cause more harm than they're worth. With JuJu Smith-Shuster's career on the rise can the Steelers feel comfortable parting ways with a wide receiver continuing to produce at a Pro Bowl level?

The San Francisco 49ers just endured a season full of injuries and setbacks. They entered the year as a playoff dark horse sporting a brand new starting quarterback and running back accompanied by a young defense before ushering in a year of hardship and patience. Despite it, all the team was rather competitive during 3 of their final 4 games and managed to have Greg Kittle set numerous single-season NFL records at the tight end position. The NFC West is a highly competitive division and John Lynch knows he'll need to get some more weapons to offset their dependency on Kittle in 2019. Pierre Garcon's time in San Francisco may be over, and Marquise Goodwin isn't a #1 receiver. Don't be surprised if they try to bring in some more playmakers for Jimmy Garoppolo through a trade, the 2019 draft, or free agency considering they're sporting the 9th most cap space heading into the 2019 NFL offseason. Trading for a star like Antonio Brown, despite his antics, may be a risk John Lynch is willing to take.