Coming in all the way from New Mexico, yes there is a new one, Jerrad co-hosts the Controlled Interests Gamecast as well as creating most of the design elements. He is the resident "Xbox Guy" and fancies himself some 2D platformers. Through fire and brimstone he withholds the stance that Mass Effect 3's original ending made sense.

Jordan does his podcasting down south in his hometown of Nashville, TN. Being one of the Controlled Interests co-founders, not only does he co-host the Controlled Interests Gamecast but he also plans to host a PS Vita-centric show called 'Viva La Vita'. A lover of all things PlayStation, Jordan hopes to baptise the world in the holy waters of PS, at the feet of our lord and savior Shuhei Yoshida.

Dom hails from the clean tap water state of Michigan (too soon?). A hockey fanatic and lover of oreos, he will do his best to rally the boys around his beloved Detroit Red Wings. Although brought up on Mario and Zelda, he now spends most of his gaming time on PS4 and the ALMIGHTY PC. His love of action rpgs shrines through when he inevitably brings up Dark Souls while co-hosting each Controlled Interests Gamecast.