Our Review Scores

Below is an explanation of our scoring system and the subsequent scores.


We hope to never give a reviewed game this score. This is reserved for the absolutely worst type of games. They must contain terrible performance and/or atrocious gameplay. The game must be essentially unplayable and unforgivable.


These games tend to be far and few between but are pretty obvious once experienced. Now it may be okay if a game doesn't necessarily innovate or progress the genre or industry, it's another to be seen as an obvious cash grab or product made from lackluster passion/quality assurance. Mediocre games have negatives that clearly outweigh the positive aspects of it while also providing not a single redeeming quality.


These are solidly made games that offer users an enjoyable experience with little to no innovation. There's nothing necessarily wrong with the game aside from some minor issues, however, it doesn't do anything extraordinary or thought-provoking.


A great game is a culmination of an array of phenomenal elements coming together to create an astounding and genuinely amazing product. Greatness can be achieved with flaws, thankfully due to other elements being exceptionally executed to the utmost degree.


A near flawless experience with either optimal storytelling, performance, or gameplay and/or a combination of all of the above. These are considered masterpieces that are very seldom released or experienced.